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There are worse places to be stranded........

Everywhere is full......try tomorrow!!!!!!!

sunny 34 °C

Ok i'm still here on very sunny Phu Quoc island..i have been here since 9th February, the reason im still here is that I simply cannot get a flight back to HCMC lol!!!!...I didn't get a return flight back as I wasn't sure when I wanted to come back...due to TET and Valentines day the island has been very busy with Vietnamese tourists too, so now im stranded here till 20th February.
Its a cool place to visit. I have been to the coconut bay prison camp, basically its a reconstruction of an prisoner of war camp built by the Americans, so you can imagine that there is very graphic explanations of the cruelty and torture the Vietnamese suffered at this prison.
I also visited the pearl farm and Sao beach. Sao beach is a beautiful beach mainly for water sports but is very clean and well maintained place.
I have done few snorkelling trips and been on an adventure on a motorbike....also have the injuries too lol!!!! we took a trip to the south of the island and basically went of track and had a great time sampling local foods and taking some amazing pictures.

Tonight I went to the night market again for tea, they do the most amazing steam pot, its basically a do it yourself dish...they put a mini stove on the table and you cook the ingredients yourself, I had fish and beef in a spicy soup.....beautiful...I've eaten it 3 times now lol..tomorrow im off on a snorkelling trip again as I loved the last one so much and to be honest...im fed up of sitting on the beach and drinking beer. I would recommend this island to anyone wanting to escape the bigger beaches such as Nha Trang, as this place is small and doesn't have a happening night life..it has bars and restaurants etc but they close at 10 on an evening..A place called Rorys is open later so you can still have a few late beers if you want before finding your way back in the dark.
I choose to come back and chill in my hammock with a book...then prepare to fight with the mozzies...they're pretty bad here but I have been on top of it all so haven't really had any bites on this trip.
well that's all for now....next update should be Hue!

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Vietnam an assault on the senses.....

Motorbikes, Mekong and beaches.....

sunny 33 °C
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Well I arrived in sunny Vietnam on 26th January.....all bleary eyed and exhausted. I was amazed that I had actually got here.
I arrived at my hostel (Saigon backpackers) nice place fairly new, helpful staff and very central to the backpackers area Pham Ngu Lao.
After some sleep I awoke the next day eager to start my new adventure in Saigon city...wow motorbikes whizzing past and horns constantly being blasted this combined with mental heat and the smells of Pho(noodle soup) and hundred's of people running about....its intoxicating.
I found myself once again thrown into life in Asia and I love it!!!!!
After few days of settling in and taking in local sights such as, The War remnant's museum and The old post office and Notre Dame Cathedral...various markets, I decided to book a two day Mekong Delta trip. I had met a friend Lisa in the hostel and we decided to go together.
The Mekong was really good Can Tao- Ving Long...various floating markets and rice paper factories also rice noodle factories and all the fruit you can eat from the local people selling on the Mekong.

I arrived back from the Mekong armed with lots of amazing pictures eager to post on Facebook to show people back home, but my excitement was short lived...for people who are familiar with my past blogs the reason I am in Vietnam is to start an internship in HCMC teaching English for 6 months. Well once I had logged on to Facebook my world came crashing down......the internship had been cancelled!!!! I felt completely lost.

There were so many questions I asked myself...Why had it happened? What was I going to do? Should I go home? it was a nightmare.
After the initial shock of the news I decided I may as well have a holiday whilst I was out here, after all I have the visa and I am here now.
I spent 2 weeks in Saigon just getting use to the heat and time differences etc...my ankles had swollen due to heat and I found it painful to walk at times...I hung around contemplating life and things I had been dealing with back home still wondering what to do with my time here.

Finally amongst all the madness of TET watching the locals decorating in preparation for their New year celebrations I decided I needed some beach time. I booked a flight to Phu Quoc island...at least then I could relax on the beach away from all the noise of the horns and mental preparations of TET.
I arrived by internal flight with Mekong airlines, good and cheap!! around 50 pounds a flight...found a good hotel set in a nice garden its called (The Lounge) I booked myself a week there whilst I decided where to go next...I had arranged to meet my friend Clare at the hotel as she was cycling here and I flew( lol) We took a motorbike out for the day and seen some local sights etc...very good day found some secluded beaches and some temples etc...off the tourist map lol.

As it stands im still in Phu Quoc..and am looking at flights back to Saigon to plan my next move.

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Week to go........

Packing, Laptops and other luggage nightmares.....

snow -2 °C

Well it's nearly here!!!!
I had a good new year but promised myself that I wouldn't carry any rubbish over into 2013 and I intend to stick to it.
I spent new year in Bath, it was a wonderful time and I enjoyed it immensely.
I also visited Glastonbury too and decided that I loved it so much I had to extended my visit there. I visited the Tor and Abbey and found them to be spiritual and peaceful places.
The chalice well is worth a visit and you must drink from both the Red and White well lol....both are frequented by pilgrims from far and wide.
The place in general is beautiful and has an air of sophistication about it, the shops all sell crystals and silver jewellery and tarot cards etc..
Food wise all restaurants are especially good and serve vegetarian food too.

Now for the mega adventure....Vietnam is nearly here only a week to go!!!!
I'm packed and have one very big backpack and laptop bag , camera bag and small backpack.....took ages to pack and re-pack and re-pack again lol
I am really looking forward to it now, but am a little apprehensive too. I feel I have prepared myself adequately but feel I have also forgotten something important.
I have packed many resources including some realia that I bought from Bath and Glastonbury and tried to pack as much teaching equipment as possible. I doubt that I will have time to buy it all there and prepare for my first few weeks teaching too.
I hope I have the age group I selected and am near the city centre so that I can socialize and keep in touch with other interns and have a support network and help others where I can.
I fly to Vietnam on the 25th of January weather permitting as its blizzard conditions at the moment and flights are being cancelled all over the place.

My next blog will be when I arrive in Vietnam...........can't wait.....

I will post pictures of Glastonbury and other places I've visited recently.

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Merry Xmas

Sick of the cold


Well five weeks and counting lol.
I've done all the shopping and am looking forward to my festivities with the family. Got a nice real tree and a freezer full of meat.
since my last blog i have booked a hostel in HCMC/ Siagon, its called Siagon backpackers. I decided to book it once i had read some good reviews on the place, boasting excellent clean rooms and towels, CHEAP etc... I will spend five nights there and then im thinking of going to Phu Quoc island four a week before heading back to HCMC to start internship. I can't believe its only five weeks away, i hope to be seeing Glastonbury in the newyear also Bath and other places so i will be posting up pics and info if anyone is interseted.

Merry Xmas and all the best for 2013

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Well done me!!!!!!!

Looking forward to 2013


Well i have finished my TEFL. All passed and just waiting for my stickyfoot lol(certificate) it's been a mental journey getting here but it's complete!!!!!
I feel quite sad in a way as there was a special person in my life once who i had hoped to share it all with, but due to unforseen circumstances we parted company. Well i hope he's happy and one day maybe we can chat about about my travels.
So i have 8 weeks left in the UK before leaving and setting off on my adventure. I just have to get some jabs and sort out a place to stay for the fortnight im there before internship starts.
I will update soon and add those fab pics i mentioned previously.

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I can see the light!!!!

One more lesson plan

rain 9 °C

Finally i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's mid November and im nearly finished my TEFL course. Just one more lesson plan to go then i am a fully qualified TEFL teacher and ready for my adventure.....I Hope lol.
Well since my last blog i have been extremley busy with stuff and crap, i have been to Stonehenge and Portmerion which i feel blessed to have been able to visit, it was a place i have always wanted to visit but never got around to it. I felt a bit awful as i stood in the massive que in the freezing cold waiting to see stonehenge, i mean its not even that far away from me really, just few hours on the motorway yet i have failed so many times in my efforts to visit the place. The que was full of Chinese people and Europeans who have made this huge effort to travel to England to visit the place then there's me, complaining about the cold and having to que, so very typically English of me!!!!
So after our visit to stonehenge and Avebury to see various stone circles and massive amounts of mud and fun, we headed to Wales to Portmerion!
What can i say....EPIC place loved it, very very cool place to go to! if anyone reading this blog who is in Wales or England or just anywhere near by...then GO, seriously if you like history or the crap TV series 'The Prisoner' then its for you. I will put some pics of the places up soon.
Anyway since i have been home i have worked like mad to get the TEFL finished so i can hopefully relax over xmas and get to spend some quality time with my family before leaving for Vietnam in January.
Will be back soon

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