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Well i have booked my flights now, i leave in january. This gives me some time to chill in HCMC for few weeks and get use to surroundings before teaching. I am still struggling with packing, but am thinking about having stuff sent over before i start teaching. I just can't wait to get out there and meet people and start my adventures. My TEFL isn't going to well at the moment, i've passed 100 hours of it, but failed an element of it. It has now been passed to the director of studies to look at as i felt i was getting conflicting advice(feedback) on my assignments. I hope that i'm allowed to re-submit it as it was minor reasons for the fail, such as getting the presentation wrong and bits written in the wrong parts.......bloody lesson plans booo hooo lol suppose i will get used to them eventually with practice.

Weather has been crap in UK, storms and major flooding....it's only September??????

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Stuff.....more stuff???

sunny 13 °C

So i have a destination...even a job!!!! i have approximatley 4 months to save, prepare resources and finish study...oh and pack!!!! not to much then eh? I hate packing im worried about what to take, how to fit it all in a backpack. So much STUFF. medical supplies and towels clothes, shoes. I have to think about all this whilst try to sort lesson plans and resources. I should arrive in Vietnam for 8th Febuary in HCMC, where i will start my placement meet other interns and find out what accomodation i have. I have visited Vietnam before with my husband sadly we have parted company since then, maybe this played a huge part into why i decided to leave England(lol). Anyway its a start, i am very excited to be going and teaching there. I plan to vist Halong bay again for a chill out before starting to teach if i can. So basically thats me for now preparing to go, i have a holiday in England before i go just visiting more places of historical intrest, Stonehenge and other places it will keep me busy and active in the meantime....Thats all for now
Angela xx

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